Carter Gill is a visionary director whose creative prowess and keen insight breathe life into every project he helms. With an impressive portfolio spanning theatre, film, and television, Gill's directorial expertise shines through in his ability to craft powerful narratives and bring out the best in his cast and crew. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and innovative storytelling, Gill's work leaves a lasting impact, solidifying his reputation as a trailblazing force in the world of directing.

The French Play

Co-designed by the world-renowned architect James Smith, our Bridgewater Joy residences offer top views of the nearby lake Michigan. Perfect for a small family, a professional couple, or anyone looking to set up a home office.

A Flea In Her Ear

Equipped with full air conditioning, a private pool, 3 on-suite bedrooms, and a spacious open living room kitchen area, Sunshine Bay Residences is an excellent choice for anyone dreaming of their own safe haven.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building
A Doctor in Spite of Himself *

As a director, it's a thrilling challenge to navigate the fine line between hilarity and chaos, ensuring that each joke lands with precision while allowing the actors the freedom to revel in their comedic prowess. The vibrant energy of the performers, coupled with the exaggerated mannerisms and comedic flair, creates a whirlwind of laughter that sweeps the audience into a world of pure comedic escapism.

The whimsical set design, exaggerated costumes, and the actors' exuberant performances combine to create a theatrical experience that is both uproariously funny and a celebration of the sheer joy of theatrical absurdity.

The Servant of Two Masters

This timeless Italian comedy by Carlo Goldoni is a vibrant tapestry of mistaken identities, witty wordplay, and farcical scenarios. Bringing this theatrical gem to life involves a delicate balance of timing, physical comedy, and improvisational skill.

As a director, it's a joy to orchestrate the symphony of laughter, ensuring that each punchline lands perfectly and every comedic beat resonates with the audience. The vibrant costumes, lively set design, and the infectious energy of the performers transport the viewers to a world where hilarity reigns supreme.